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Dec 2, 2023

Aaron is back after nearly a year of editing, revising, and polishing.  He talks about where he is now with his debut novel, "Seven Falls" and what publishing decisions he's had to make recently.

Aug 3, 2022

Back once more to the writing desk and talking about what happens when you get blocked as a writer - because I did, and it hurt like heck.  I walk through what I did in the meantime to try and block it.  I mention two Star Trek PBEM Roleplaying groups.  One is Freedom and it is PBEM -

Mar 31, 2022

My first episode as a #amwriting!  I'm talking about my journey to being a writer and how I've been recently figuring out that yes, indeed, I am a writer!  Listen for some things I've learned and hopefully will help you as a writer!