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Dec 18, 2023

We take on the beast that is Hallmark Channel's "Switched at Christmas".  Come for the split between Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil about the quality of the movie, and stay for the review and enjoyment of The Muppet Christmas Carol.  Episodes return in January!  Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, and may all your...

Dec 11, 2023

Aaron, Vicki, Phil, and Zoe are back in the studio to debate the best and worst Christmas Songs of all time - with some surprises!  Then it's off and running with Jingle All The Way from 1996 with Arnold and Sinbad - a movie that is pure 90's weird, whacky, and... somewhat wonderful?  Come for Aaron's passable Miss...

Dec 4, 2023

It's a jampacked episode where we're making our lists and checking them twice - our favorite Christmas movies from Aaron, Vicki, Phil and Zoe.  Come for the pizza, and stay around the fire as we share Christmas movies and presents of the past.

Dec 2, 2023

Aaron is back after nearly a year of editing, revising, and polishing.  He talks about where he is now with his debut novel, "Seven Falls" and what publishing decisions he's had to make recently.

Nov 23, 2023

We dig into the first movie in the Naked Gun Trilogy, and it's an interesting generational study with Aaron, Vicki, Zoe, and Phil!  Come for the Thanksgiving celebration, and stay for the love, hate, and confusion that comes along with watching a movie from 1988 followed by a grab bag discussion to close out...