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Sep 27, 2022

We're talking about Homeworld's new sequel trailer release.  We also talk about the state of gaming today and how we're feeling - we spotlight some bright spots in gaming while also deciding on a possible new direction for this podcast - new ideas and new conversations in addition to our computer gaming discussion.

Sep 26, 2022

Aaron, James, and Vicki are in the Home Studio talking about one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time - Galaxy Quest!  Come for the debate about the best sci-fi universe to live in, stay for the great discussion on what makes this film great, and why it will stand the test of time!  Next week - WILLOW!

Sep 20, 2022

Aaron is back in the teacher podcast world talking about the curriclum and content he's been working on building over the last two years.  He focuses in on "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion as what he uses in the freshman classes with some Romeo and Juliet connections!

Sep 20, 2022

Aaron and Chris are in the home studio talking about the games we play and the games we don't.  Additional discussion around D&D and more!

Sep 19, 2022

It's James, Aaron, and Vicki back again to dig into nerd and geek life.  We tackle the issues with Lord of the Rings Rings of Power and discuss from the perspective of Tolkien Fan and Expert (James) and LOTR fans Aaron and Vicki.  More on the issues of original content versus copying and pasting.  We talk about "For All...